333 Trike

333 Trike

36v Electric Trike with 10Ah Lithium Battery

Frame: Articulating Steel Frame with Torsion Bar
Motor: 250 watt
Battery: 36V/10Ah Lithium
Wheel Size: 20" Front and 16" Rear
Brakes: Front Cantilever Brake and Rear Expansive Servo Brake
Seat: Large Comfort Style
Front Basket: 13" x 10" Wire Basket
Rear Basket: 15" x 17" Wire Basket
Style: Grip Throttle and Pedal Assisted
Security: Key for Power, Key Lock for Battery
Lights: Front headlight and rear reflector
Weight of Bicycle including batteries: 99 lbs
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Charging Time: 4-8 hours dependant on use
Range: 20 miles depending on conditions
Maximum Speed: 12 mph (Faster with pedaling)

The coolest feature of this electric trike is the small torsion bar which allows the trike to pivot (or articulate) and lean into corners. It makes the three wheeled trike feel like a two wheeled bike when you are moving, with the added stability of three wheels for when you are stopped.

Cost: $1,328 + Shipping and Sales Tax

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