Replacement Parts

Liberty Electric Bikes

Need a part for your Liberty Electric Bicycle or Liberty Electric Tricycle? We can help!

Please email or call 724-387-8210 for pricing.

X-treme Scooters

We can help you obtain parts for your X-treme Scooter, X-treme Bicycle or other X-treme products after your warranty period has expired.

Please email or call 724-387-8210 for pricing.

If your warranty is still in effect - it is better if you contact X-treme Scooters directly - so they can tell you if the part you need is covered under your warranty.

Other Electric Scooters

We deal with several companies that sell replacement parts for a wide variety of electric scooters. We can obtains parts for scooters still available for sale, like Razor Scooters. And also for scooters no longer available for sale, like the Electra Scoot-n-Go.

To order a replacement parts, please call our shop at 724-387-8210, so we can discuss your requirements.

We also sell replacement batteries and replacement chargers for a wide variety of electric products. Do you have an old Schwinn Scooter that doesn't work because the charger or batteries are wore out? Visit our Replacement Batteries page or our Replacement Chargers page for more details.