Annual Events

Electric Auto Association Events

The following are some annual events dealing with electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. They are sponsored and/or promoted by the Electric Auto Association, the Three Rivers EVA and other chapters of the Electric Auto Association:

Power of DC

This annual event, held in June, is a three day celebration of Electric Vehicle POWER! Many Power of DC participants arrive Friday evening for an informal car show and get together at the hotel.

On Saturday, the participants travel to a local mall, where an AutoCross course has been set up to test the speed and maneuverability of the electric vehicles. There are also opportunities for the general public to view the electric vehicles and various vendors. On Sunday, NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association) Drag Racing takes place at the Mason Dixon Dragway. Several NEDRA records are held by participants of past Power of DC events. In fact our PA Electrics Xebra now holds an 1/8th Mile NEDRA Record of 32.85 mph in 17.7 seconds set at the 2010 Power of DC.

The owner of PA Electrics and several members of the Three Rivers EVA participated in the Power of DC in 2009 and 2010. PA Electrics also sponsored of the event in 2010.

Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival

The MidAtlantic Renewable Energy Association presents this annual event every year on the third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September. The event is held at the Kempton Community Center in Kempton, PA.

The Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival is a collection of vendors, vehicle displays, and workshops on a wide variety of topics related to sustainability and renewable energy.

In the Transportation Section of the Festival, vehicle owners from all over the state bring out their Production Electric Vehicles, Electric Conversions, Hybrids and Bio-Diesels to show off to the general public.

May is National Bike Month

Buy an electric bike now and participate in May's Bike-to-Work Week and Bike-to-Work Day!

For more information about National Bike Month - visit their official site - League of American Bicyclists

For a day, a week, a month, or maybe a commuting lifetime, ride a bike and make a statement for clean air, healthy lifestyles and a cooler planet.


Do you have an Electric Vehicle Event coming up?

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