Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I ride these bikes on the road?

Answer 1: Yes, however, please refer to your state's bicycle laws to clarify which roads you are allowed to ride on. Some states do not allow you to ride bikes on the freeway.

For example: Bicycles are considered vehicles under Pennsylvania Laws and must obey all the rules of the road which apply to vehicles. However, in Pennsylvania, no person shall ride a bicycle or pedalcycle on a freeway.

Please visit our Legislation, Laws and Regulations page for a copy of the Pennsylvania Bike Law and other Road Riding Tips.

Question 2: Can I ride these (small kid-size) electric scooters on the road?

Answer 2: No, most of the scooters designed for kids and teenagers can ONLY be ridden on private property. However, some parks have special areas set aside for riding scooters like these. Some states allow you to ride scooters on the sidewalk, others have made them illegal to ride anywhere but your own property. Please refer to your local or state laws to clarify where you are or are not allowed to ride these scooters.

Question 2: What is a Scoocycle? I have never heard of that before.

Answer 2: A Scoocycle is a new word the owner of PA Electrics "coined" - which combines the words Scooter and Bicycle. Which is exactly what a Scoocycle is - a Bicycle that looks like a Scooter. It looks like a Scooter - but has Bicycle pedals. And it is also legally considered to be a bicycle - so it does not need to be insured or plated.

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