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Pricing Guide

The following are the prices of the products that are currently in stock, or products that can be ordered. This includes both our new electric vehicles and our used electric vehicles.

To buy any of these products, please call our shop at 724-387-8210. Models that are currently in stock are marked with the phrase "*Currently on hand". You can also visit our special In Stock page, which only lists the models that are currently in stock.

Some models are available in different colors. Color choices and in stock colors are indicated.

Prices listed DO NOT include shipping charges and sales tax.

Electric Vehicle Pricing

Manufacturer / Model Photo Regular Price
Sale Price

Liberty Electric Bikes
098 48V City Bike 098 City Bike $924
Price includes Locking Rear Trunk. $899 without Rear Trunk.  $809 without Rear Trunk

Available Colors: Purple
*Currently on hand - one purple
Click the color link for a photo of the actual bike.
333 Trike - Lithium Battery Electric Trike $1,328
*Currently on hand - one.
415 Mountain Bike - Lithium Battery 415 Stealth $1,357
443 Mountain Bike - Lead Acid Batteries
Used bike - in "like new" condition
443 Mountain Bike $885
*Currently on hand - one.
Has 250W Motor. New 443 Lead Acid model has 450W Motor and costs $1,000.
629 Swan Touring Bike - Lithium Battery 629 Swan $1,357
633 Swan Electric Bike - Lithium Battery 633 Swan Electric Bike $1,357
636 Folding Bike - Lithium Battery 636 Folding Bike $1,275
744 Town & Country II Bike 744 Town and Country II $1,215
Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red or White
ES3000 Scooter - Silicon Battery ES3000 Breeze Scooter $2,495
Available Colors: Pink, Black, Blue or Red
ES3000 Scooter - LiFePO4 Battery Red ES3000 $3,395
Available Colors: Pink, Black, Blue or Red

eGO Vehicles Inc
eGo Cycle LX - Used (Demo) eGo Cycle LX $1,599
All Prices and Model Availability Subject to Change without notice.