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Most prices listed are Retail Prices. All items are currently available for sale as part of our Going out of Business Sale. See something you like? Make us an Offer. We plan to start posting items to eBay, in order to liquidate these items.

All Prices and Model Availability Subject to Change without notice.

Manufacturer / ModelPhotoRetail Price

Bell Bike Products
Item #25 - Bell Max Comfort SeatSeat installed on a demo Bike$21.99
Item #26 - Bell SecuriKey Key CableBell SecuriKey Key Cable$9.99
Quantity available: three
Item #27 - Bell Gel Base Seat CoverBell Gel Base Seat Cover$14.99
Quantity available: two
Item #28 - Bell Double Back Two Bike RackDoubleBack Bike Trunk Rack$47.99
Item #29 - Bell Road Stash Handlebar BagBell Road Stash Handlebar Bag
Bell Road Stash Handlebar Bag - Top
Quantity available: four
Item #30 - Bell Stow Away Seat BagBell Stow Away Seat Bag
Bell Stow Away Seat Bag - Side
Quantity available: five
Item #31 - Bell Quick-ToolBell Quick-Tool$10.99
Item #32 - Bell EZGuard Combo Cable LockBell EZGuard Combo Cable Lock$8.99
Quantity available: three
Item #33 - Bell Gel Max Cycling GlovesBell Gel Max Cycling Gloves$14.99
Quantity available: two
Item #34 - Bell OpenAir Multisport GlovesBell OpenAir Multisport Gloves$10.99
Quantity available: three
Item #128 - Bell Adapter 1/2 to 9/16 PedalsBell Adapter for Pedals$2.00
Bell Steering Wheel CoverBell Steering Wheel Cover$10.00

Accessories and Miscellaneous Products
Item #13 - Front Fork LockFront Fork Lock$22.00
Quantity available: four
Item #14 - Atech Cyclometer Bike ComputerAtech Cyclometer Bike Computer$21.99
Quantity available: nineteen
Item #35 - Unique Flashing Bike LightFlashing Bike Light$6.29
Quantity available: three
Item #37 - Pyramid Reflector SetPyramid Reflector Set$2.99
Quantity available: four
Item #38 - Bike PumpBike Pumps$4.99
Quantity available: six
Item #40 - Bicycle Spoke Tightener Bicycle Spoke Tightener$1.99
Quantity available: eleven
Item #41 - Bikeway Dice Valve Caps Bikeway Dice Valve Caps$0.99
Item #42 - Bike TrunkBlue Bike Trunk
Blue Bike Trunk - top
Quantity available: one White and Blue; one White and Purple - both have issues.
Item #47 - Dyno Number PlateDyno Number Plate$1.00
Quantity available: two
Item #48 - Horn - 9 inch Bike Horn - 9 Inch$5.97 each
Quantity available: three
Item #50 - Race Case Seat PackRace Case Seat Pack$1.00
Item #51 - Used Seat PackUsed Seat Pack$1.00 each
Quantity available: two
Item #52 - BMX Double Stem Pad - Red or BlueBMX Double Stem Pad$1.00 each
Quantity available: thirty-two
Item #53 - BMX Single Stem Pad - YellowBMX Single Stem Pad$1.00 each
Quantity available: twenty-one
Item #54 - Pyramid Foam Racing GripsPyramide Foam Racing Grips$4.00
Quantity available: six
Item #55 - Handle Bar Tape - Various Colors and StylesHandle Bar Tape$1.00 each
Quantity available: sixty-four rolls/pieces
Item #56 - Wald Coaster Brake StrapWald Coaster Brake Strap$1.00 each
Quantity available: six
Item #57 - Rear Derailleur Nut AdapterRear Derailleur Nut Adapter$1.00
Item #58 - Savoy Bolts and Nuts for Double Chain WheelSavoy Bolts and Nuts$1.00 each
Quantity available: two
Item #59 - Combination Lock Bike Chain with Pink Chain CoverCombination Lock Bike Chain$4.00
Item #60 - Metal Single Brake LeverSingle Brake Lever$1.00
Item #61 - SRAM Grip ShifterShimano Gear Shifter$4.50
Item #62 - Shimano Gear ShifterShimano Gear Shifter$2.00
Item #63 - Brake LeversBrake Lever - 1
Brake Lever - 2
$4.00 set
Quantity available: two
Item #64 - Rectangle Bicycle MirrorRectngle Bicycle Mirror$1.00
Item #65 - Trek Bicycle LightTrek Bicycle Light$1.00
Item #66 - Water Bottle CageWater Bottle Cage$.50 each
Quantity available: two
Item #69 - Speedometer CableSpeedometer Cable$1.00
Item #70 - Electric Cords $5.00 each
Quantity available: six
Item #75 - Fork Assembly - Diamond Silver $25.00
Item #76 - Enviro ebike Side Panel - RedEnviro ebike Side Panel - Red$1.00
Item #77 - Extra Large Bike SeatExtra Large Bike Seat
Bottom of Extra Large Bike Seat
$45.00 each
Quantity available: three
Item #89 - Turn Signal BulbVarious Light Bulbs 
Item #104 - Suspension Seat postBike Seat Post$25.00
Item #115 - Scooter TireScooter Tire$22.95
Item #131 - Bicycle Pedals 9/16 inchPedal Set$6.95
Item #136 - Controller for XA-750 ATV 36 VoltXA-750 ATV Controller$37.70
Item #251 - Controller Replacement for Electrike Kit $120.00
Item #270 - Pedal Set for 098 Electric Bike098 Pedal Set$17.00
Quantity available: one set
Item #271 - Battery Fuse for 098 Electric Bike $3.50

Conversion Parts
Item #186 - Electric Blue Car Heater - Blue HeatElectric Blue Car Heater$385.00
Item #208 - Sheet of Body Tin - 22 gauge  $22.75

Miscellaneous Used Products
Used Bike Seat - (small tear on right side)Used Bike Seat
Used eGo Belt - HTD 500-5M 15Used eGo BeltUsed eGo Belt Size
Used Bell HeadlightUsed Bell Headlight
Used Bell Tail lightUsed Bell Tail light
Used Bike Mirror - CrackedUsed Bike Mirror - Cracked
Used Mirrors - Good PairUsed Mirror Pair
Used Mirrors - one brokenUsed Mirror Pair - one broken
Used Brake CablesUsed Bike Brake Cables
Used Heavy Computer CordsUsed Heavy Computer Power Cord
Used Bike Tubes - Various SizesUsed Bike Tubes - Various sizes
Used 643 Town and Country Body Panels643 Body Panels
Used 643 Town and Country Light Covers643 Light Covers
Used 643 Town and Country Rear Light643 Rear Light
643 Rear Light
Used 643 Town and Country Tail Light643 Tail Light
643 Tail Light 2
Used Voyageur Seat PackUsed Voyageur Seat Pack
Used Voyageur Seat Pack - Bottom

Miscellaneous Conversion Products
Battery ConnectorsBattery Connectors
Battery Management System CablesBattery Management Cables
Battery StrapsBattery Straps
Large Terminal Protectors Large Terminal Protectors
Washers for BatteriesWashers

Miscellaneous Products
Bike Tire Levers
from REI and Trek Bicycles of Pittsburgh
Tire Levers
Bike Patch Kit
from Trek Bicycles of Pittsburgh
Bike Patch Kit
Peg HooksPeg Hooks

Point of Sale Items (software not included)
Cash Drawer 
Printer for Cash Drawer Printer for Point of Sale Cash Drawer
Thermal Paper for Printer Thermal Paper for Printer
Scanner Scanner for Point of Sale Cash Drawer
All Prices and Model Availability Subject to Change without notice.

Manufacturer / ModelPhotoRegular Price
Sale Price

Liberty Electric Bikes
098 48V City Bike098 Purple Bike$924
Price includes Locking Rear Trunk.

Currently on hand - one purple (non-functioning, parts only). Something wrong with the controller possibly, or in other wiring. Batteries have juice, but no power to instrument panel.
333 Trike - Lithium BatteryElectric Trike$1,328
Currently on hand - one.

Needs rear tire tubes/valve stems.
443 Mountain Bike with Lead Acid Batteries - Used443 Mountain Bike$885
Currently on hand - one.
Has 250W Motor.

Will have to double check with Jon on this one - he may want to keep as it was his first bike. Needs batteries however.

All Prices and Model Availability Subject to Change without notice.