36 Volt SX E-Bike

36 Volt SX eBike

This is a USED bike.

This 36 Volt SX model of the eBike was manufactured by EV Global Motors Company. The company was started by Lee Iacocca in 1996 and sold eBikes from 1999 until 2004.

The EV Global Motors Company has stopped producing the eBike, but used ones like this one can be found online.


Batteries: 36 Volt - Lead Acid

Motor: 500 Watt Hub Motor
Gears: 7 Speed
Controls: Dual Power Setting / Cruise Control
Lights: Headlight, Taillight, Brake Light
Seat Post: Adjustable Seat Post
Fenders: Dual Fenders
Rack: Rear Cargo Rack
Charging: Removable Battery Pack
Color: Black with Green Front Fork

Added Accessories:

Seat: Bell Max Comfort Seat - Not pictured on bike - click link for picture of seat.

This bike has been SOLD and is no longer available - Sorry.

Cost: $821.99 + Sales Tax. Shipping cost not included - best if picked up.

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Need replacement parts for your eBike? There is a company in Florida who is an eBike repair center that sells parts for most of the eBike models. They also sell replacement batteries and battery packs for the eBikes. You can contact them directly at from their website: E-Lectric Wheels of Florida

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Manufacturer: EV Global Motors Company