Conversion Process

Conversion Services

Want to drive your very own electric vehicle? PA Electrics can help you convert a gasoline vehicle to electric.

The first step in the conversion process is deciding what type of vehicle you would like to convert. Do you want something that has been done by hundreds of people, like an S10 Pickup or a Geo Metro. Or do you want something unique, like an electric Austin Healey Sprite.

After you have decided what type of vehicle you want, it is time to decide what types of components your electric vehicle is going to have. How large of an electric motor do you want? What voltage do you want? Do you want lead batteries or lithium batteries? Or some other type of batteries?

Do you want power steering? Air Conditioning? Simple gauges or something a little more complex?

We can help you make all of these decisions and design the perfect electric vehicle for you.

Vehicle Finding Service

Want an electric vehicle, but don't want to wait for us to convert one for you? We can help you find one to purchase that has already been converted. Visit our Vehicle Finding Service page for more information.

Conversion Components

Need Conversion Components? PA Electrics can help you track down the component you need to finish up your electric vehicle conversion.