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Electric Vehicle Components

Evnetics - Vehicle Power Systems

Evnetics carries the Soliton1 Controller. The Soliton1 has a continuous current rating with liquid cooling of 1000A. It can be used with packs that are a minimum of 8 volts, up to a maximum pack voltage of 340 Volts.

They also provide a Throttle Pot which works well with the Soliton1 Controller.

Rebirth Auto

Rebirth Auto is an electric conversion company, located in Florida, that also sells conversion components. They offer Kostov DC Motors, NetGains DC Motors, controllers, adapters, batteries, chargers and several EV Conversion Kits.

KTA Services, Inc.

KTA Services has been dedicated to supplying the largest variety of safe and reliable components to their EV clients. They provide individual components or complete kits to electrify 2, 3 or 4 wheel vehicles weighing from 200 through 10,000 lbs total weight.

DC Motors, Curtis Controllers, Curtis Throttle Potboxes, DC Power Motor Controllers, Heinemann Circuit Breakers, Westberg Automotive Style Gauges, Bycan Battery Chargers, Magna Welding Cable Lugs, Conversion Kits and much more!

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd. Of Errington BC has developed a pair of easy to install kits, which convert Geo Metro cars and GM S-10 trucks to battery power. Converted vehicles cost just pennies a kilometer to recharge with a range of up to 100 Km. Canadian Electric Vehicles has been converting vehicles to non polluting battery power since 1990 and has seen a dramatic increase in public interest with the recent fuel price increases.

They are distributors for Advance DC, Alltrax/DCP, Curtis, Zivan and Zilla.

Conversion Services

Want to drive your very own electric vehicle? PA Electrics can help you convert a gasoline vehicle to electric. Visit our Conversion Services page for more information on the conversion process.

Vehicle Finding Service

Want an electric vehicle, but don't want to wait for us to convert one for you? Visit our Vehicle Finding Service page to find out how we can help.