Raptor by Boomerbents

The Raptor is a three-wheeled electric tricycle with a comfortable captain style seat.


Battery: 12V / 50Ah x 2 Lead Acid
Suspension Type: Front Spring and Rear Hydraulic / Spring
Ergonomic Driver's Seat:
  Padded Cloth and Leather with Head Rest,
  Adjustable on Rail for Leg Length
Instrument Cluster: Keyswitch, Speedometer and Fuel Gauge
Wheels: 16" Front and 20" Rear Aluminum Rims
Brakes: Front and rear drum brakes
Rear Electric Motor Drive: DC 24V Brushed @ 750W
Battery Charger: 24V / 10A Fan Cooled
Riding Modes (Single Rider):
  20 Miles - Electric Only
  30 Miles - Moderate Pedaling
  40 Miles - Hard Pedaling
Run Times (Single Rider):
  2 Hours - Sport Mode
  2.5 Hours - Economy Mode
Top Speed (Electric Only): 15 mph
Climbing Capability: 10 degrees @ 7 mph
Lockable Luggage Box: Molded Luggage Box with Key Lock
Child Seat Option: Color Black with Seat Belt
Color / Finish: Carbon Fiber Black with Clear Coat

The Raptor has been designed and engineered from the point of view of the adult Baby Boomer generation. Far from being just a large scale version of your first tricycle, this product is conceived to fit an adult lifestyle! From the semi-recumbent frame design to the full front and rear suspension, this is a real Trike for real recreation or retirement use.

The motor is a 750 W. DC 24 V brushed motor with rear-drive and incorporates a rear drive differential which allows both rear wheels be powered independently. The trike has a rear axle Drum brake and front hydraulic Disk brake for safer stopping.

The new full - featured captain style seat is wide, comfortable, and adjustable to fit different leg lengths.

The Raptor is legally classified as an electric bicycle - there is no need for a driver's license, registration or insurance.

Boomerbents has stopped producing this model, so the only way you are going to get one is if you find a used one. We sold both of the ones we had in stock, so we don't have any available for sale at this time.

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Manufacturer: Boomerbents